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Life is all about choices, and we, at No Filter, believe in giving people the chance to have a very fresh and healthy option when needing a drink from a vending machine.


Not many realize that the orange juice we buy from the store is not really fresh. It is pasteurized, which means it was exposed to heat to make it last longer but also kills alot of its nutrients and benefits in the process. Our orange juice vending machines give you juice straight from the orange to your cup, right there in front of you, no additives, no reductions, no filters. What you get is pure, clean, fresh juice. Our machines and cups are sanitized ensuring that you get the purest and cleanest cup of fresh OJ you can get.


We all know the harm sugary carbonated drinks can do, however, every vending machine around is filled with sodas and/or high sugar, watered down juices that are far from fresh. With our vending machine, people will experience getting a freshly squeezed cup of orange juice in 60 seconds! Straight from the orange and into the cup, you can see it happen right there in front of you!

That is why we want you to have options

to choose fresh, choose healthy, choose the best. 

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